Business Cases


Busy single or family will find relief off their daily cooking burden

Imagine, if you are single, couple or family with a tight schedule, and you would love to have a daily healthy & fresh meal, but you struggle to find time to cook.

Now with uMa, you can easily outsource this cooking tasks to someone locally, have them do all the groceries shopping, preparing, cooking and having it delivered right to your home, office, your shop or even to the park where you have an outdoor gathering with family & friends while still enjoying the best rating cooking services at an affordable price


Hosting a party of any size at ease

Imagine, you are a business person with busy schedule, you are going to host a party or get together this coming weekend regardless big or small, it is a time consuming process to call around, placing orders and running around to pick them up at different locations and the foods may not be as good as you wish

With uMa, just a few clicks on your phone, you will be able select the different cooking services best known in town for your preferred foods, have them shopped, prepared, cooked and delivered to the party or even request to have them cooked on site for you at a reasonable price


Main cooks can leverage local community to share cooking tasks

Imagine, you are the main cook in the house and may also work fulltime, imagine how much of the effort and challenges to have it done for your family on a daily basis

Why not have uMa connect you to some best rating local cooking services providers who do all the groceries shopping, preparing and cooking on your behalf, you have a wide variety of service providers who can pick and choose to fulfil your various tastes at an affordable price right in your local community


Hosting potluck, events, party at a your finger clicks

Imagine, you are invited to a pot luc k and an event party, you do not actually have time to cook a dish of your choice

With uMa App, you can outsource this task to someone else in your neighborhood and local community. Upon arrival, your potluck has been delivered directly to the host with your name on it…


New in town – easily find local cooking community connection

Imagine, if you are new in town .

With this uMa App handy, you can connect to cooking services at your destination ahead of time, request to cook your preferred meals, upon arrival, you are served with the hot healthy foods of your choices.


Business travelers find it easy for healthy foods & affordable price

Imagine, you are a tourist, business traveler and visit other states or countries and often stay for weeks or months at the hotel, you find it is a big challenge and time consuming to cook for yourself,

let uMa connect you to the best local cooking services, have them do all the works for you to deliver fresh, delicious meals every day to your work, hotel.


Imagine, if you have kids going to school

and you do not have time to cook & pack for them a lunch box, with uMa, you can simply pick the best rating cooking services in your community fresh and healthy food of your kid’s choices and authorize them to deliver to the schools


Special events with Special cooks to come onside

Imagine, if you would like to have some special cooks to come and serve you at your birthday party,

with uMa App, you can connect to some professional chefs and have them come on site and do a show even how to roast a whole pig for example

with a few click away, you can even choose to have your whole wedding event catering packages by high rating, professional & specialized by local team of chefs


Imagine, you are travelling with kids on Airbnb to Disney, Paris

Imagine, if you can share your cooking passion, your talents in making delicious foods, cakes, deserts, fruit art decoration, homemade gift wraps for special occasions such as wedding, engagement, birthday, grand opening, New Year, Christmas, etc. and many other good offerings unknown by your local community

Imagine, you are a Mayer of a city, let uMa present your local talents to uplift your community, creating more jobs & promoting business from stay-home housewives, creating a better & healthier work-life balance