About Us


With our tight schedules, we have been trying to live a healthy life by walking further, having healthier choices and balancing our daily work-life. We often find ourselves challenge & sometime impossible to do our cooking on a daily basis. We also know for the fact that in each & every of our local communities around the world, there are many best cooks that are well-known by families, relatives & friends but they have not been recognized by the local communities. With uMa, a cooking service platform created with the intention to allow all local consumers the opportunity to get to know these talents and perhaps reaching out to outsource the cooking tasks, providing these talents the opportunities to share and serve local communities, visitors and consumers.

With some helping hands from outsourcing cooks, you will be able best leverage your time focusing on your family and other productive activities. Unlike restaurants, these cooking talents are normally specialized in one & only one disk that is well loved and highly recommended by others. This is their pride, love, passion and dedication that you can trust​


Most consumers today are more interested in getting away from canned foods, high fat prepared items and moving toward the organic, fresh and healthy foods. In modern world, time is still money and still essential in our daily life. If well-known our locally cooking talents as service providers can make fresh & healthy foods of your choice, saving time from shopping, preparing to cooking, shifting that paradigm to the new outsourced cooking culture while still enjoying delicious and healthy home cooked with an affordable price.